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Our law announce

Please read our law announce and server items first .If agree on, please go on to law announce
Welcome to! If you want to visit and use the service of, you must accept all the items and conditions of this announce completely without any amendment .and observe the related law, regulation and rule about internet or our net, As soon as you have visited or used .it means that you agree and accept all of the items from
Knowledge Right (Yi Wu Yu Feng imports and exports limited company) and the information provider of this net have the copyright of all information of this net
Net use
The information and any part of must not be used repeated copied or can't be used by any commercial aim without agreement of profit link content
To improve the service, will provide the link of related information .the link from may enter other webs directly. These dink webs don't have restriction from .it is take no responsibility for any net link with ours. don't need the responsibilily avowal
All information that release on the all are provided by the member. Therefore. The information promoter is responsible for the legitimacy and relibilities of that information. that information include but unlimited describe in the price. Quantity packing picture writing of merchandise service information after-sales service deliver goods the way and deliver goods district etc. if meet such as the merchandise quantity and exchange the goods. Service minor faults information deceitful etc. controversy and disputes .you can solve with the information promoter directly according to the related law. the will help you to carry on the consultation with information promoter within the scope of its responsibility . can't negotiate to solve of you call tell towards the customer association hurl or solve through the law path. to this website last all contents include but unlimited carry the camp or the information on this website contents. materials or products in the website don't provide the guarantee of the dearly show or allusion include hut unlimited in for the business allusion guarantee that particular purpose do to any loss or any because of usage originally website but causable loss include but unlimited indirect of indirectly of by chance of punishment and the loss that cause don't undertake the responsibility
Fit for Law
This law announce should be according with the law of PRC. Liser and the management of PRC low court. If one has some conflict with the law, These items will renew subject to the law rules completely, and other items still have their law effect .We retain the right to amend the above at any time.
Service items of
No.1 The Qualitication of Member of
If you want to become the formal member of,you must agree on < law announce>and< service items>completely , And complete the related process of
No.2 The service content will supply members with particular product and detail 搈ember service? has right to adjust the service content according to the truth at any time.
No.3 Service Fee, some products and service offered to member serve for charging (concrete charging item see "the membership service ";) Member must pay the corresponding expenses for product and service that use their, has the right to adjust the standard of the expenses according to the actual conditions
NO.4 During serive
The member will enjoy the serive of after finish registratation & pay fee. From then on will supply serive & start to count serive time. have the authority to distinguish the member action if be accord with SERVICE ITEM. If violation with SERVICE ITEM will have the authority to decide if cancel the member number or interrupt service or adopt any suitable measure.
NO 5 The authority & duty of the member
After the member pay fee, it will enjoy all service of products who order. & promise that
1. It will abide china law& rule.
2. Do not spray any lawless service
3. Abide all agreement, procedure, tradition etc.
Especially indication:
1. The member can not transfer any advertisement & stuff through any approach unless allowed by
2. The member must promises that it can not transmit any messages such as lawless, slanderous, abusive, intimidatory etc .Do not tranmit any date to abet people how to delict ; Do not tranmit any date relate to courtry safe ; Do not tranmit any date that not accord with local law,
Courtry law etc. The member do not enter other computer system unpermit. If find the action of
The member is not accord with above of terms of service, will have the right to stop number of the member & adopt other logical step. If the member supply & bruit any eroticism & retroaction message, or spray any lawless action, or have the lawless record in, the member must answer for its behavior & will pay for loss of
NO.6 and obligations
Service cutting off or other defects caused to force majeure (include but not limited to the natural calamity , social incident produce because of special nature that websites have including the hacker attacks, telecommunication department technology adjust, whom government control lead to the fact close any factor influencing network normal running inclusive temporarily), does not bear any responsibility, But will do the best to reduce the loss and influence caused to member because of this, If not member's fault, cuts off the service, should postpone the service time that members buy, No matter which kind of situation does it take place, in the course of originally carry out the terms of servicing because its fault bring losses to member, the compensation total value paid to the member has not exceeded members already to service expenses paid ; right determines to delete any infringement Chinese law that the member put up , the regulation , the content of " terms of service ", or other thinks the content not acceptable. The one of a serious nature, has the right to cancel membership, can duplicate the content that is put up , can according to law require is it reveal by observing the legal procedure to go on to content that put up too, protect and the member and public interests, property or personnel's security
NO.7 Refuse to tender guarantee
A accuracy of refusing to assure all transfer. In time. Smooth. Member understand and accept information material any transmission depend on member oneself and undertake all risk and responsibility by of member make any guarantee from the transaction process of line. The member will not receive oral or written guarantee information from
NO.8 Limited responsibility pairs of and any explicit. Indirect. Accidental. The special harm is not responsible. These harms came from: it is improper to use .Issue false information on the net .use the service or the information which users convey to change to some extent illegally
NO.9 Service revision and over Have the right to revise or cut off the service and not need to be responsible for any individual or the other person at any time in decision. If the member objects to <terms of service> any project or objects to later on clause modification. Or 53trade.Com service is discontented. The member has the following recourse: Are not using the products and service of; Notice stops the service for this member; After finishing membership service, Member's right of enjoying a service is stopped immediately that time . are not offering any service to this member.
NO.10 Perfection and modification of the agreement has the right according to the relevant laws in the People's Republic of China at any time. Change of the regulation. Development and adjustment of company's management state and management tactics of Internet, etc. revise this clause. Member is it serve necessary to is it read and confirm again carefully to go on to latest of service to improperly use to continue to want, When having disputes .Subject to latest terms of service.

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