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TRADING MAGAZINE <<China Trade Information >>

1.Speciality of the magazine

The trading magazine stills have uniqueness that can't be substituted, as the traditional media propagating the corporate image and company products. Also Like having Internet, various kinds of newspapers still sell very well. The size of layout, products picture, colorway etc, that it can still embody the supplier's personality strength from different angles. Especially exquisite products can be found easily by strength buyer, and excite their purchase desire!

2. Readability of the magazine

Special magazine's readability and products focus, new products recommendation or other special reports can make the buyer subscribe, reserve and consult the supplier's information for long term, and purchase the products of they interested!

3. Popularization and utility of the magazine

<<China Trade Information >> will have extremely high exposure rate in the whole world. It can contact 25,000 strength buyers every month, so it makes you surmount your rival forever if hold the resolution of business opportunity in good time!
1. Large circulations –-Cover Europe, Asia and the third world countries that they mainly have concentrated 120 countries and regions in the world.
2. Extensive covering surface -- The majority is distributed to importer, agent, purchasing trader, retail trader, wholesaler and international Purchasing commercial group etc. They are all potential strength buyers who have the most strength.
3. Rather overall datum---It have recorded the strong supplier of comprehensive, authentic and distinct personality.
4. Superexcellent effectiveness-- Contacting 25,000 purchasers in the world!
5. The traditional media can't replace ---Have 80% purchasers are doing business through trading magazines.


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