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Digitally CD (CD-ROM)

1.The sort and content of CD-ROM:

Buyers CD-ROM: Collecting every walk of buyers’ information in the world! And include the buyers’ contact ways, the companies purchase ways and Management scales, main sort of purchased products, degree of money of the re-purchased products and the purchase market etc.

Sellers CD-ROM: Collecting sellers' information of 27 great trades in the world. And include the sellers' contact ways, the company’s management ways and scales, production capacity, main products picture and detailed introduction, main market of the products, etc.

2.The function and significance of CD-ROM:

CD-ROM has advantages of large capability, petty cubage convenient for carrying, and incorporate characters, picture and cartoon into an organic whole. We utilize these advantages to collect a large number of outstanding buyers and sellers’ information, have shortened the distance between them greatly. So the buyers needn't go abroad, or needn’t enter market, also can find the products and factories easily at home, and you can make according yourself or buy the merchandise on hand .For the seller, you can show the products to the buyer easily and simply. If you want to cooperate with the professional purchaser for a long time, you can contact them directly.

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