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Global trade fair

International trade fair

The Trade fair is the best way that buyer and seller strike a bargain directly face-to-face, there are
90%trade reached in the trade fair. We attend 80-90 international trade fairs every year, and the quantity of participating in the fair will increase year by year. Really reach the Europe, America and Southeast Asia market firmly, and have exploited Middle East, South America, Africa, East Europe and Russia etc new markets. We distribute tens thousands of our peculiar magazine- <china trade information> and the CD-ROM that holding a large number of suppliers’ information, to popularize the suppliers' products, website and corporate image. We are editing and arranging the buyers’ information that we collect them from each fair, and gather them to the buyers CD-ROM, and dispatch them to our VIP member sellers at the first time.

Don't you want:

Contacting 420,000 buyers in the world simple?
Obtaining the foreign trade order continually easily?
Making your products spreading over every corner of the world in a short time?


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