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Dongguan City Mintron Three-anti Chemical Technology Co Ltf 2016-8-12 15:51:00
Dongguan mintong anti-corrosion chemical technology Co., Ltd. (welink International Co., Ltd. subsidiary), is China's earliest PCBA anti-corrosion comprehensive solutions provider; the company since 2003 began professional attention conformal field and are
Shanghai ^Shucan Industrial Co.,LTD. 2016-8-4 11:42:00
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We BOLYCOLOR INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (Kindly plz search BOLYCOLOR from GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING, AOL etc ) are specialized in iron oxide pigment industry in the past 21 years in China.*ula *ula Our BOLYCOLOR products cover Iron oxide Red, Yellow, Black, Brown, Orang
Zhuzhou Yuancheng Hezhong Technology Development Co., Ltd. 2016-5-25 17:02:00
Zhuzhou Yuancheng Hezhong Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, a branch of "Yuancheng" Group. Which is located in Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou City-The Economic Centre of Changsha Zhuzhou and Xiangtan Cities Group. It is a large high-t tech -che
Hunan Nonferrous Chenzhou Fluoride Chemical Co.,LTD. 2016-5-13 16:29:00
Hengshui Yuanchem Industry Limited 2016-3-17 10:38:00
Turn to a 7-year manufacturer of nitrocellulose*ula 1,500 tons per week | 5-day lead times | Custom projects welcome*ula Supported by Highly Professional Skilled and Dedicated Employees*ula Hengshui Yuanzhan Chemical Industry Limited is a high technology and l
Jiangsu Andelong Chemistry Development Co.,Ltd 2015-9-25 10:40:00
Jiangsu Andelong Chemistry Development Co., specialized in the production of water treatment chemicals in China, including phosphonates antiscalants; corrosion inhibitors and chelating Agents; polycarboxylic antiscalant and dispersant; biocides and algic
Langfang Jinchuan Glass Products Co. 2015-9-8 13:36:00
Hubei Yuancheng Pharmaceutical Tech. Co., Ltd. 2015-5-16 17:24:00
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