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Meya Outdoor Co Ltd 2016-12-16 11:24:00
With more than 10 years of selling experience of members, Meya Outdoor focuses on product developing and manufacturing. We are developing up to 50-100 designs every month for buyers in US, Europe and other markets with OEM brands. Our main products a
Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group 2016-10-14 14:33:00
Hebei DENENG Trade Co., Ltd 2016-9-27 16:45:00
Hebei DENENG Trade Co., Ltd is one of the exporters, which is specialized in professional Transmission products in China for years. Using the strict technology and advanced instruments, all the DENENG products achieve the highest international standard.*ula *u
Guangdong?Grandeur?International?Exhibition?Group? 2016-8-26 9:49:00
Ningbo Zhongbo Int’l Exhibition Co., Ltd. 2016-7-7 16:47:00
Suzhou Artto Display Co., Ltd 2016-5-23 16:04:00
Artto Display Co., Ltd is full service custom POP Display and Store Fixture producer and exporter in east China. We provide services range from design, engineering, manufacturing to assembly, packaging and worldwide shipping. *ula *ula With ISO9001 certified f
Shanghai Formote Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd 2016-5-16 13:19:00
Guangdong?Grandeur?International?Exhibition?Group 2016-4-27 11:33:00
Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group (hereinafter *ula referred to as‘the Group’) was established in August 2014, *ula formerly known as Guangzhou Grand
GuzhenLighting Expo Co., Ltd 2015-9-27 20:56:00
Guzhen International Lighting Fair*ula China•Guzhen International Lighting Fair relies on " Lighting Capital of China" and integrates the advantage in resources from lighting industry, creating the innovative linkage mode between exhibition and stores, s
Shanghai Formote Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd 2015-7-17 10:56:00
We,Shanghai Formote Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd, as the only professional and leading organizer in overseas property & immigration & investment, has enjoyed the most magnificent reputation. *ula Forecasts show that Chinese buyers are lining up to invest a
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