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Shenzhen Owatis Technology co.Led 2017-4-17 8:45:00
INNOVATION ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD. belongs to INNOVATION GROUP. *ula Innovation Group include Innovation Electronic and Innovation Automatic. *ula Innovation Electronic focus on providing most comprehensive solution in WEIGHING and STATIC . Weighing PRODUCTS inclu
Moore Plc Limited 2017-1-5 11:07:00
Guangzhou Elecbao Co., Ltd. 2016-10-26 16:50:00
Economic Development Zone of Qingzhou 2016-8-29 16:13:00
We are transformer manufacturer,and mainly produce transformers and cabinet less than 220KV level.Our products have gone through the certificates of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.We insist in taking products and service to our customers.Glad to receive your letter!
Shenzhen Laimeisi Silicon Industry Co.,LTD 2016-8-15 11:17:00
Sontec Products Co.,Ltd. 2016-7-25 9:55:00
NOKPRO INDURSTRY CO.,LTD 2016-7-8 16:52:00
Shenzhen Volun Lighting Co.,LTD 2016-4-21 17:58:00
Guangzhou Netum Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 2016-3-26 15:05:00
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