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Shandong Taihe Water Treatment Co.,Ltd. 2009-2-10 10:21:00
Shandong TaiHe Water Treatment Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of Water Treatment Chemicals, active in all R&D, production, marketing and technical service.*ula *ula Mission: To be top professional manufacturer of Water Treatment and Relative Chemicals
zhengzhou toptech gmbh 2009-2-7 16:19:00
郑州迪普特橡胶公司是迪普特公司的代理商,主要经营输送带修补、接头、滚筒包胶材料、工具。*ula 冷硫化材料:冷硫化胶水(SC2002)、修补条(带半硫化层)、修补片、滚筒包胶(胶板带BL层)、金属底漆、专用清洗剂、AB复合胶、胶浆等*ula 热硫化材料:钢丝带、分层带、整芯带热硫化胶浆;面胶;芯胶等。*ula 专用工具:大功率低速角磨机、钨钢打磨碟、纤维打磨堞、T2复合AB胶枪、分层刀、橡胶刀、压实滚轮、雕花机、硫化机、分层机、便携式钢丝绳芯输送带探伤仪等。*ula
Nafis International Supplies 2009-2-7 11:28:00
Qingdao Kunhua Machinery Co.,Ltd 2009-2-7 9:19:00
Qingdao Kunhua Machinery Co.,LTD,Founded on October 7,1996,Lies in the Lingang Industrial Proccessing Zone Of Qingdao China.The company covers of 40000square meters.owns 1200 starfs and workers including 120technicians and 30 advanced engineers .*ula Mainly pr
sunrichfireworks co.,ltd china 2009-2-4 13:36:00
Shenyang Jishi Shuanglong Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd 2009-2-4 10:44:00
Shijiazhuang Guangwei chemicals Imp&Exp Co,Ltd 2009-2-4 10:23:00
Sea Belting Inc 2009-2-2 13:32:00
[South Korea]
Wuhan Microsen Technology Co., Ltd is a high-new biotech company specializing in the research、production and sales of amino acids and its ramification ,raw medicinal materials as well as intermediates.We are the exporter and distributor in certre China of PiZh
Hangzhou Garden Trading Co.,Ltd 2009-1-19 17:57:00
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