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Hefei Xingyu Chemical Co., Ltd 2010-12-14 15:23:00
Hefei Xingyu Chemical Co. Ltd is a National High-tech Enterprises and a National Pilot Enterprise of Intellectual Property. We obtained the qualification certificate of Fixed Manufacturer of Pesticide Formulation at 2006 and later Fixed Manufacturer of Pestici
Sichuan Anda Liyuan Trading CO.,LTD 2010-7-23 11:12:00
Sichuan Anda Liyuan Trading CO.,LTD, developed from ANDA CHEM, is an International Trading & Manufacture Company involving in Export, Import and Distribution business. Anda Liyuan has formed a complete industry chain, form raw material, fundamental material t
Chinese specialized company in customized manufacturing and exporting of electronical grade barium salts (inc. barium carbonate, barium chloride, barium nitrate, barium oxide, barium chromate, barium titanate and barium hydroxide) .*ula *ula We are recommendin
tianjin jinlaifu company Co.,Ltd 2010-4-30 10:47:00
Sichuan Guanghan Bio-Tech Co., Ltd 2010-3-30 16:51:00
Founded in 2003, Sichuan Guanghan Bio-Tech Co., Ltd (SGBio) is a technology-based expertise specializing in design and synthesis of organic compounds. With strong research team and advanced facilities, SGBio provide custom synthesis, process development and ch
Qingdao Free Trade Zone Haikunlong International Trade Co., Ltd. 2010-3-23 22:17:00
Jn Yunxiang Chemicals Co.Ltd 2010-3-16 17:29:00
DaXingAnLing Gadol Sports Ingredient Co., Ltd (info three at sports-ingredient dot com) 2010-1-22 16:41:00
(info three at sports-ingredient dot com)DaXingAnLing Gadol Sports Ingredient Co., Ltd lies in JiaGeDaQi Town,DaXingAnLing city where is the only place no- pollution forest of the world. It is a research, development, and production of specialized enterpr
Shenzhen zonewins special materials co.,ltd 2009-10-6 16:51:00
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