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Rolitone technology Co.,Ltd 2017-1-22 6:40:00
Rolitone established in 2005 is a professional supplier for Automotive parts for OE/Secondary OE customers. The main products include electrical parts (e.g.: Parking Sensor Kit,Website:, Blind Spot Detection System, air conditioning filt
Zhangjiagang Medpharm Machinery Ltd is a certified manufacturer,Website:, exporter and supplier of?plastic processing machinery. Due to our constant commitment to extrusion technology, we have emerged as a leading manufactu
Foshan Chancheng Aoli Beibei Clothing Manufacturing 2017-1-22 6:13:00
Foshan Chancheng Aoli Beibei Clothing Manufacturing factory has focused on top quality adult t shirts for over 8 years in China.after several years of rapid development,Website:,We from a single garment processing plant to th
Dongguan WellYie Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd 2017-1-22 6:06:00
Dongguan WellYie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.(WYET) is health intelligent hardware Founder,Website:, the WYET was founded by excellent engineers that they were more than ten years with RD in electronics industry, our team have 7 yea
Sun Magnetic Sys-Tech Co., Ltd 2017-1-22 6:01:00
Sun Magnetic Sys-Tech Co., Ltd. founded in 2001 in Beijing,Website:, China, as a professional and well-equipped manufacturer of permanent magnetic system, we have more than ten years of experience in R&D, design and manufacture. *ula
Wenzhou Jhen Ten Machinery Co., Ltd 2017-1-22 5:56:00
Jhen Ten carries on traditional Japanese production skills and latest Japanese industrial technology to produce filtration products and all kinds process machinery . *ula In addition to the introduction of new manufacturing methods and the purchase of advanced
SZ Tenveo video technology co.,LTD 2017-1-22 5:43:00
Our History*ula Shenzhen Tenveo video technology Co., Ltd,Website:, which was founded in 2002, is one of the leading video conferencing products providers in China. We focused on developing and implicating the technology o
1.Our History*ula Jinjiang Taixin Shoes Co.,Ltd has focused on top quality shoes and shoes out-sole for over 20 years in China. We started as a small operation,Website:, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in footwear ind
Tengzhou jianha machinery and chemical co.,ltd 2017-1-22 4:52:00
Tengzhou jianha machinery and chemical co.,ltd.was established in 1996.We are one of the industry leaders in mainland of china. The company boasts strong technical development capacity,Website:,advanced production equipment as well
ZiBo Dragon Brand Cable Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the leading cable and wire manufacturers in SICHUAN Province,Website:, specialized in design and manufacture of all kinds of wires and cables. *ula Our main products are 1-35
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