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[Buy] rubber tile,crumb rubber tile,rubber floor,floor

2011-5-10 17:08:00
Features specifications
Qingdao Guangneng Rubbers & Plastics Chemical Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of rubber tile in China.It can produce colored rubber tile,all kinds of rubber tile.The rubber tiles can be made into colorful,anti-slip,nonpoisonous,anti-abrasion,slippery-resistance,great wearing capacity,etc. rubber tile Interlocking Rubber Tile Interlocking Rubber Paver 500*500*15/20/25...70mm Character: 1. Wearable 2. All kind of climate available 3. Low maintenance 4. Shock & noise absorption 5. Resilient to protect child & old 6. Colorful Rubber tile are made of rubber granule or EPDM rubber granule. It is suitable for road, playground, school, kindergarten, Weight room, swimming pool, exercise areas, golf club houses, etc. Color can use:Red, green, blue, yellow, gray, black, etc Size:500x500, 300x300, 1000x1000, etc. Thickness 10mm, 15mm, 25mm, 35mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, etc.
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