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[Sell] wireless security alarm, resident alarm

2011-8-2 11:08:00
Features specifications
Communications: 1. Supports ADEMCO CONTACT ID and KS6+2 monitoring center communication protocol. 2. Dial 5 telephone numbers (mobile and pager number); dialing type (tone or pulse) and appointed communication zone can be programmed; alarm telephone is priority. 3. Option for ARM/DISARM and system status report or not. 4. Phone line cut or short-circuit will send an alarm (indicator or siren for optional) 5. Wired zone respond speed: 5ms - 1,000ms; supports normal open, normal close and end- of-line resistance at freedom. 6. Main unit disassembly, slave detector disassembly, AC power cut, backup battery lower and slave detector power lower will activate alarm. 7. Work with wired/wireless siren and linkage device. 8. Latest 30 pieces alarm (month/day/hour/minute) can be recorded and can not be deleted; last arm/disarm time can be remembered. 9. Main unit and wireless PIR detector make communication times in 26 hour to check if there is communication malfunction; if there is a malfunction, the main console will alert corresponding zone within 26 hours 10. Slave detector sends report to main unit for on/off; the report will be remembered in record. Automations: 1. 16-zone (8 wireless and 8 wired) with 4 x 4 keyboard and lattice LCD display. 2. Voice pre-recorded. 3. 8 partitions can be programmed independently; 8 remote controllers and 8 user codes can be programmed for 8 partition to ARM/DISARM independently. 4. Access codes, 1 installer code, 1 master code, 8 common user code and duress code. 5. Remote arm, disarm, monitor, and on-site alarm setup. 6. Automatically register between wireless PIR detector, remote controller and main console (8 wireless can up to 24 zones, and 8 remote controllers). 7. Zone attribute can be program for fire alarm, medical alarm, emergency alarm at freedom; each zone can be programmed with different remote control. 8. Two timers can be set to arm/disarm independently. 9. Alarm delay (00 - 99 seconds) and arm delay (00 - 99 seconds) can be set for appointed zones. 10. Both AC 220V and 12V, 7Ah rechargeable battery power supplied; and change automatically; the backup battery can work 24 hours or more in standby. 11. Battery lower power alert and discharge protection. 12. Telephone lightningproof.
Company Information
Contact Person: Ms.Sarah (Marketing)
Address:Taiwan -Xiamen-Fujian China
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