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[Sell] offer automatic industry gate

2011-8-2 12:25:00
Features specifications
The electric retractable gate/automatic retractable gate/extension gate /sliding gate/folding gate body all adopt the stainless steel material , steel material ,aluminum material. Introductions of flexible door 1.scope of use government agencies, enterprise or business the unit gate, activity wall. 2. the body of the gate .door body surface: the surface of the fine cast stainless steel/standard stainless steel/high-strength aluminum alloy, the surface color electricity xu processing, such as technology... new, never fade. .door body structure: electric door adopt fine cast stainless steel/standard stainless steel/high-strength aluminum alloy profile processing and become, door open, such as ship set sail sail, line, radian one integrated mass, high 1.60 meters, the trolley, double or monorail. .go round: the use of advanced wear-resisting rubber wheels, is a kind of different internal and external layer, lubrication and good wear resistance, strong vibration resistance, high life driven pulley, the assembly with waterproof, without refueling dust-proof covers, enjoy life. 3.trackless/simgle track/double track drive system basic configuration . motor: (crystal source/yum! / has the brand), start torque, smooth operation, with internal temperature protector. .clutch key: when the power can be taken off by hand push door open the clutch. .limit: stop automatically switch in place. .prevent touch device: electric door in the process of operation, is apart from the head within 50 mm place has the object, the electric automatic bounce back door. .two screen: in peace, peripherals with the Chinese side scrolling display (content can be custom). .contactless control system: unconventional ac contactor control, more advanced, security, on a line from the fault. .buffering device: can eliminate starting instant impact, making the door row smooth operation, and extend the life of the door row. .electronic probe: ensure that electric door in a straight line operation. .wind hook: ensure that electric door of typhoon don't blow down. .a straight board: ensure that electric door contraction in place, door body won't skewed. .a wireless mesa control box, two remote control. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Steel security doors, road barriers, fences, and extension doors, industry door,parking gate,garage gate,building gate,electric gate,auto rectratable gate in China. We are looking for oversea agents, wonder if we could commence business with you or your firm.
Company Information
Contact Person: Ms.crystal (Sales)
Address:the first of NO.20,dongfeng village,licong lanshi area,chancheng foshan,guangdong-Foshan-Guangdong China
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