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[Buy] Explosion-proof Electric Apparatus and Technology Exhibition

2011-5-13 16:54:00
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About GIEPE 2011 China (Guangzhou) International Explosion-proof Electric Apparatus and Technology Exhibition (GIEPE2011) is the most professional and authoritative exhibition in the field of explosion-proof electric apparatus in China mainland. As one of the top trade fairs of the petrochemical and explosion-proof electric apparatus in Asia, it is held annually in August in Guangzhou, together with the simultaneous expo- China Guangzhou Int'l Petrol & Chemistry Industry Exposition. GIEPE2011 will be held in China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex area B during August 11st - 13rd, 2011. The exhibition area of GIEPE2011 predict more than 25,000 m2, drawing enterprises from all over the world. The latest equipment and technology in the field of explosion-proof will be showcase in this exhibition. Prospect CIEPE2011 With the sustained and rapid development in China energy industry in the past thirty years, China explosion-proof electric apparatus industry has been enormous development with its annual market needs increased range from 15% to 20%. In next twenty years, the mainly energy consumption in China still depend on the coal and oil; China petrochemical, power, metallurgical industry and textile industry is constantly heating up; meanwhile, government and enterprises will pay more and more attention on workers'safety& health and the efficiency of the product. So these factors will be bound to the fast improvement and development for explosion-proof electric apparatus industry and manufacturers will meet a broad market. So the expert analysis and predict that the demand for big capacity and intelligent sets of explosion proof electrical apparatus will maintain its annual growth above 20%. Explosion-proof electric apparatus industry will have a huge potential market in China.
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